The Bitcoin Lego Kit

The Bitcoin Rollercoaster Lego kit is a buildable collector set made in a limited quantity of a 100 kits. It comes with 360 genuine Lego pieces, 3 custom printed elements, a printed Lego styled manual and it is all packed in a printed box.

The story of this project started with the 2020 halving in May. I had a thought about creating something for the bitcoin community for a few years. The community consists of many creative people who make a lot of quality goods and content, whether it is magazines, books, podcasts, socks, art, node designs, a cartoon show, and the list goes on, all made by people passionate about Bitcoin. I wanted to contribute something myself. I grew up building a lot of Legos and still build scale models of aircrafts. You need to keep the mind busy throughout life with creative work and building things is a great outlet for it.

I started playing around with a few bricks to see what shapes and solutions would work for a Bitcoin coin, I gave him a face, arms, and hands. I wanted to create the Bitcoin B logo on his stomach through bricks and not a sticker. After some “illegal” building techniques I got it. Soon an orange circular-like figure stood on my desk with a nice friendly smile and hands raised in the air. It made me happy. I had combined a childhood hobby with my interest in economics. I continued by building a red rollercoaster cart which it could sit in, making it into the roller coaster meme. I also wanted to integrate a Bitcoin feature into the design and came up with the Proof of Brick. The Bitcoin verification system. So I attached a plate on Bitcoins back and gave him an address with a verified message with the build date to verify its authenticity. Each Bitcoin Brick is also numbered.

As time went by, I did minor changes and improved the design. I built a standing plate that Bitcoin can stand on for better stability. I designed it to act as the blockchain. Bitcoin Brick is walking on the blockchain that starts with the genesis block in black and ends with a start for a new block, illustrating that the blockchain goes on for infinity. Next to the genesis block lays a copy of the Chancellor of Brink Bank, made as a Lego version.

I reached out to Bitko who designed an art cover of the Bitcoin Brick which now is featured on the instruction manual and the box. The manual is designed just like a Lego building instruction.

I wanted to give the kit something extra. And the blue standing plate acting as the blockchain appeared a bit empty. After reading on some Bitcoin history I came across the famous newspaper of the times 03/Jan/2009 chancellor on the brink of a second bailout for banks. I figured it would make a perfect printed lego element. And so began the making of the design. I needed to be all Lego so I striped the original paper cover and started to do the outlines of what could make it onto a printed lego tile. I contacted multiple businesses that print on lego to figure out the level of details that are possible. , it is pretty amazing that there exist multiple such companies. With this new information, I could have more details than I first thought. I went to my boxes and found my M1A2 Abrams tank lego model. Finding a Lego minifig in the olive green uniform that Israel uses was hard. I ended up with a minifig from Indiana Jones to act as the gunner. All in place I render different pictures with different angles and backgrounds. I tried to get the background as in the original photo which has tanks and other equipment. But the perspective did not come out good enough and the levels of details became too great. For being a color printed element that is 24×16 mm it came out great! You can see the finished product below.