Eat some real Italian Gelato

The key to good gelato is the quality of the ingredients, it makes all the difference.


  • 3 dl of milk
  • 1 dl of Cream 36-40%
  • 15 ml of corn starch
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 40-70 grams of sugar or 40-70 grams of honey. (I like the gelato more refreshing than sweet, hence I always go with 40-50 grams of honey. By going lower on sugar you might not get as good creamy texture. If you go with chocolate as taste which has sugar in it, go on the lower end.
  • Taste, 100 grams of chocolate/ white, dark, milk, nougat. If you want to go with fruits you can go between 120-200 grams. Important is to never cook the fruits, always get them fresh, mix them. If doing strawberry add 10 ml of lime juic.


Heat 2 dl of milk with 1 dl of cream on medium-low heat.

In a bole, add 1 dl of milk and the corn starch, stir and add half of the hot mixture into the bole, stir and add back to the hot pan.

In a bole add an egg yolk, stir and add half of the hot mix to the egg bole, stir and return it to the hot pan.

Make sure to always stir the hot pan so it doesn’t burn in the bottom.

If doing dry taste like chocolate add it to the hot pan and stir all the time until it has dissolved and come to a temperature of 85 C. Then add the mixture to the ice cream machine, if not having an inbuilt cooling, but the mixture in the ice bath until at least 20 degrees C.

If doing fruits you do not want to add those into the hot pan, say strawberries, mix them and add the lime juice in a bole, add the hot mixture into the ice cream machine and start it, then add the fruit mix, or add it after the ice bath if your machine doesn’t have an inbuilt cooling function.

Gelato needs to be stored at below -10 degrees C, the low fat makes it very hard, otherwise, you need to remove it from the freezer 20 min before serving.